We choose each product with a lot of cart and dedication, so you have a great shopping experience in our store and you are very satisfied, but if you need to return or exchange a product, rest assured. Just follow our guidelines.

Our entire Return & Exchange Policy is based on the Consumer Protection Code (http://www.planalto.gov.br/ccivil_03/Leis/L8078compilado.htm)


Please communicate to our exchange center by email contato@novatendencia.com.br regarding your exchange or return request, informing the following data:

· Full name

· Number requested

· Date of Purchase

· Full name of the part or Product Code (s) to be returned.

· Reason for exchange or return

ATTENTION: Do not ship product (s) without prior authorization from our team and following the instructions sent by email. Returns that have not been previously authorized and / or do not follow the guidelines will not be reviewed and products will be automatically shipped to customer's address without notice.


· RETURN: If you do not like the product and want to change it, you must return the return without any sign of use and the part must be in perfect condition.

· You must notify us of your intention to exchange or return within seven (7) business days from the date of receipt of the product (s).

· EXCHANGE: You may request to exchange your product (s) within 7 (seven) calendar days of receipt of the order.

· Once your order has been received and you notice a defect in the part or do not meet your expectations, you should contact our contact center contato@novatendencia.com.br

· If the product received is defective, please contact our central contato@novatendencia.com.br or see the link as request for exchange or return.

· Order shipping due to dissatisfaction must be paid by the customer.

· Promotional products will NOT be exchanged under any circumstances.

Note It is considered the date of receipt that is informed by the company responsible for delivery (Post Office), even if the receipt was not made by the recipient, but by third parties such as porters, receptionists, family, etc.


· Within 24 hours (working days), after communicating your request to the Nova Tendencia jewelery team, according to the procedures indicated above, you will receive an email with the authorization to send the product (s) and information about the procedures to be followed.

· Keep this email with permission for your return. Products returned without prior authorization will be returned to the customer, followed by a new shipping charge.

· After receiving the return / return authorization email, please send the product (s) according to the guidelines contained therein.

· Product (s) should only be returned via MAIL with tracking services. We are not responsible for any losses.



Upon approval of the exchange by default, the customer will receive the new product at the original order address at no additional cost. The value of shipping the order due to taste / expectations must be paid by the customer.

· If the product (s) authorized for exchange are not available in our inventory, the customer will be informed and will be able to make purchases for the returned product (s) with new order on the website. .

· Promotional products will NOT be exchanged under any circumstances.


· The Nova Tendencia Jewelery does not cover packaging costs for return or exchange. We suggest that you use the same packaging as the product (s). If you use another package, choose a box that protects the product from damage during the course.

· Product (s) should only be returned via MAILS via PAC, with tracking services. We are not responsible for any losses.

· Shipping costs in case of return following all the above conditions are the responsibility of the Nova Tendencia Jewelery.

· Returns that do not meet the above mentioned conditions, including the deadline, will not be accepted and will be automatically sent to the customer's address with the appropriate shipping charges.

· Nova Tendencia Jewelery disclaims the responsibility to exchange any product where the defect has been caused by misuse or breakage.

· Promotional products will NOT be exchanged under any circumstances (only one exception will apply if the product reaches the defective customer.