After authorization of purchase by the credit card company or confirmation of payment by the financial institution and third party payment systems (Paying Intervener), our shipment has 48 hours (working days) for the preparation and sending of RETAIL orders. wholesale orders our shipment has up to 4 working days. The delivery time begins to count as soon as your order is posted at our post office.

The Nova Tendencia Jewels undertakes to deliver the goods purchased at the address indicated by the customer in the order form, and that in any case must necessarily be understood within the national territory.

The customer agrees with the fact that, from the moment the item leaves for delivery, all logistics of the same becomes the responsibility of the Post Office. The delivery time displayed in the order is an estimated average time stipulated by the Post system. If there is any unforeseen in your order, we will make a complaint to the Post Office, which will be answered within 5 business days.

OBS: All deliveries are conditional on the restrictions and policies of delivery of couriers and carriers.