The Nova Tendência jewelry made available in Florianópolis and region a new way to receive your orders purchased on the site, with much more convenience!

It is now possible to purchase products from the Nova Tendência jewelry's website and withdraw your order directly from our physical store. For this, just follow the step by step below:

1. Make your purchase online normally;

2. On the order completion screen, in the "Delivery Address" section, click "Store Pickup";

3. Finish the purchase;

4. Now just wait for the e-mail informing the address and that the product is available for withdrawal and go personally to the store.

Important informations:

• Only the customer who made the online purchase can withdraw the products that are the object of the order in the store, upon presentation of a photo ID;

• When you arrive at the store, you must inform that you wish to withdraw an order made through Ecommerce and the number of the respective order;

• The salesperson will pick up the products of your request and show you each of them, and you should check them out at this opportunity;

• Orders that are not withdrawn within 30 (thirty) days from the date of availability mentioned in the e-mail sent will be returned to our central office, and we will cancel the purchase and respective reversal of the value to the customer;

• The time of delivery of the purchase in the store can be changed, according to the site's policy.